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Solar Vans

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Bringing Ice Cream selling into the 21st century, the first ever solar ice cream vans are here! Having listened to our customers, show directors and event organisers who did not want to inhale the fumes from the diesel engine vans whilst they were stationary selling ice cream, our MD David Baker went about searching for a solution. Met with apathy and disinterest from the industry he decided to invent his own! Using solar and batteries to power the freezers and softy machine you can now sell all types of ice cream without the engine running!

Available for order from September 2019. Please email or call 01984 640255 for more information


No diesel engine running when van is in operation, meaning 100% pollution and carbon free


Reduced diesel consumption, no electricity charges at events and no need to plug in overnight


Available in diesel or electric vehicle. Customizable to suit your needs. All ice cream parts can be taken out and fixed


Light, Spacious and quiet working environment

Our LEADER Grant funded project:

Styles Solar Vans!

To develop and build Ice Cream Vans which run on Solar Power, part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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