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At Styles Farm we specialise in making luxury dairy ice cream with only the best natural ingredients. You won’t find us using ‘reconstituted milk’ instead of fresh milk or ‘vegetable fat’ in place of fresh cream. We are recognised as the country’s premier producers of homemade farmhouse ice cream and iced desserts. All of our ice cream is made on the farm with fresh locally sourced, award winning Jersey cow’s milk, fresh West Country cream, and no artificial colours or ingredients. 

The majority of our flavours are gluten free, except for Cookie and Cream. All of our ice creams are suitable for vegetarians. Please find our full allergens guide 


Our sorbets are as delightful in colour as they are in taste! Made from the juiciest Italian real fruit, the silky smooth texture and flavourful taste makes for a delicious refreshing dessert. With no artificial colours or flavourings, our sorbets are the perfect product for a sweet treat!

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