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For generations, the Baker family have farmed the land at Styles Farm, on the edge of the beautiful heather moorland, among lush green valleys.

In 1988, as committed food lovers, they decided to diversify into one of their favourite foods, luxury ice cream. Without losing the traditional ways of farming on the Exmoor Hills, David and Sue worked hard to perfect their favourite flavours using only the best natural ingredients and creating the most flavoursome ice creams that we have come to know and love as Styles Luxury Farmhouse Ice Cream.

The recipes perfected by Sue in her farmhouse kitchen, using only fresh whole jersey cow’s or sheep’s milk, with fresh West Country cream and no artificial colours or ingredients. The use of jersey cow's milk was happened upon by chance when David and Sue received the wrong order of milk one day and found the resulting ice cream creamier and more luxurious, so they made the switch there and then.

Styles is now recognised as the country’s premier producers of homemade farmhouse ice cream. What once modestly began with one 1930’s style ‘stop me and buy one’ ice cream trike, has now escalated to a fleet of 10 Ice Cream vans, 3 large parlour units, 4 small ice cream trailers, tent units and a number of trikes.

We are now selling and delivering our ice-cream to a many retailers including, cafes, pubs, restaurants and hotels, across the South-West and nationally, by external distributors.

David has even developed solar-powered ice cream vans (a big leap to the one pictured left!) which can be found at our sites around the north coast of West Somerset, for a fumes free ice cream!

With David's endless drive and ideas, and the amazing Styles ‘family’ that work so hard to help the business continue to grow and improve, making Styles a fun, friendly and rewarding company and the Ice Creams so special!

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